Facilitation and Problem Solving

Create a culture of success, personal development, and effective communication. I offer a wide variety of communication skills classes and leadership programs to help your team perform at the highest level. Plus, I am fully certified to train DiSC work styles and Blanchard SLII Situational Leadership.

The Power of Facilitation

As a trainer and facilitator, I not only help teams identify and solve problems; I also use these challenges as an opportunity to teach new skills and help people work more effectively together. Let’s maneuver through changes, transitions, and difficult conversations together.

One word often found on my workshop evaluations is “fun”. Dealing with conflict situations is anxiety producing for most people and the workshops offer an opportunity to learn to deal with them more effectively in a safe and comfortable environment.

Whether you are looking for one-on-one coaching, group training, or facilitation, I’m here to help.

Facilitation Training

I both train meeting facilitators and serve as an outside facilitator when it is critical to have the input of all employees during difficult conversations, team building sessions, and neighborhood or community involvement meetings. If you need help in running more effective meetings, I can either train your meeting facilitators or provide facilitation services.

DiSC Certified Facilitation

I am a certified DISC Profile Workshop Facilitator Trainer. My training focuses on developing greater self-awareness, stronger people skills and stronger relational skills that will promote emotional intelligence that aids in advancing people in their organization and sets them apart from others in their professional careers. This high-quality DISC training is perfect for teams, management training, new team development, leadership training, and sales and marketing teams.

Public Meeting Facilitation

I facilitate neighborhood and public meetings sponsored by utilities, local governments and mobile phone providers. Meetings often can be disruptive with strong opinions and disagreements. My role is to facilitate the discussion of opposing positions and encourage the exchange of strong concerns and opposite viewpoints.

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I Also Provide Training

We won’t just talk about a topic – we’ll immerse ourselves in it. Each training class is customized to meet your needs and concerns, but my fun, high-energy, high-involvement teaching style is always the same.

Your team will be actively engaged from start to finish with plenty of opportunities to discuss, practice, and refine new skills.

I provide communication and leadership concepts and skills applicable to real-world situations, so attendees can instantly use what has been learned both at work and at home.

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Comments from Attendees:

“I wish I had learned all these skills years ago. Lenny is extremely knowledgeable, organized and clear in his presentation. Every human being could benefit from this class.”   Julie Ryan, Umpqua bank

“Nowadays it seems that instructors are so ‘packaged’. Lenny is not that way. Whether he is teaching a skill or facilitating a group, Lenny is always able to read that audience and make sure their needs are met.”   Sandy Vinci, TriMet

Contact me for a free consultation to get started. We’ll discuss your needs, outline communication goals, and set up a training plan for in-person or online!