Lenny understands the issues our front-line utility leaders face when communicating and problem-solving with their staffs. He is a powerful and nuanced instructor. He is one of NWPPA’s top-rated instructors. Lenny and I have worked together on the leadership skills program for eight years, but his time as an instructor for the Northwest Public Power Association spans many years. He is great to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable, organized, and an all-around pleasant person to work with. He makes my job easier.

Jennifer Keesey
Northwest Public Power Association

Some of My Clients Include:

  • InAccord NW
  • State of Oregon
  • Northwest Public Power Association
  • Evergreen Consulting
  • King County, Washington
  • Salem Area Mass Transit (Cherriots)
  • Energy Trust of Oregon
  • Synergy Advanced Engineers
  • City of Tualatin
  • City of Beaverton

Lenny is an amazing trainer and facilitator in front of any type of audience. His content is practical and relevant, and easy to apply back on the job. In fact, people get opportunities to use real-life examples in his courses. I thoroughly enjoy working with Lenny.

Susan Dixon

I wish I had learned all these skills years ago. Lenny is extremely knowledgeable, organized and clear in his presentation. Every human being could benefit from this class.

Julie Ryan
Umpqua Bank

Lenny also receives the highest compliments for his training and education. The skills and techniques he shares can be applied as soon as a participant leaves the course. His humor, confidence and patience with his audience make the learning objectives stick.

Jenny Sherman
Willamette View

Nowadays it seems that instructors are so ‘packaged’. Lenny is not that way. Whether he is teaching a skill or facilitating a group, Lenny is always able to read that audience and make sure their needs are met.

Sandy Vinci

I have hired Lenny Borer to work with management teams in a variety of work settings, from private business to non-profits and governmental agencies over the past 25 years.

He has unique talents in encouraging team building, motivating groups to actually talk about fundamental work issues and talents in producing results that all levels of an organization can understand. He is smart, good-humored and flexible in interactions with varieties of work style and groups.  My favorite quote about his work is from a manager who said, ‘who’d ever think I’d say strategic planning could be FUN?’

Mary Jaeger
State of Oregon Administrator

I found the pre work helpful and insightful. Lenny is a great teacher and this is the second class I have taken with him as the instructor and I wouldn’t hesitate to take another. The course material and setup was very easy to follow, a combo of conversations and videos and instruction was great!

Attendee Statement at
Northwest Public Power Association

I have used Lenny’s training services for over 20 years, both at TriMet and at Salem Area Mass Transit District (Cherriots). Whether his instruction has been through group facilitation or individual, targeted training, Lenny has helped my teams develop the core competencies necessary to make them effective leaders. I have found his training delivery to be progressive, entertaining, and value added for all levels of the organization.

David Trimble
Salem Area Mass Transit District

We utilized Lenny’s training last year on “How to host effective meetings” and it was such a wonderful training, given the remote state that we just went into. The staff members who attended the training gave positive feedback on how Lenny delivered the training and felt like they all walked away with tools in their tool belt to help improve the way meetings are conducted at our organization. We will be utilizing him again this year for the same training, as well as an additional one. Lenny was professional and timely and a pleasure to work with.

Nicole Stolarik
Energy Trust of Oregon

Lenny Borer is the consummate professional…a subject matter expert, an amazing facilitator, one who has command of both the content and the crowd. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!

Kathleen Berquist
Business and Association Management Former Executive Director for the Association of Talent Development