About Lenny Borer

Clear communication and listening skills tie teams together. It’s a powerful thing! I have always been passionate about learning what it means to be an authentic leader and effective communicator. Now I help clients walk away with new skills – ready and eager to put them into action.

My Story

I am one of the leading trainers, facilitators and communication coaches in the Portland area and for many years have specialized in classes on communication and problem-solving skills, facilitating effective meetings, and instructor training.

Upon my completion of a B.S. in psychology at UCLA, I enrolled at the University of Oregon to earn my M.A. in counseling. As a result, my communication training classes and facilitating skills are deeply rooted in research-based strategies. I always follow best practices that increase engagement and deliver positive, lasting results.

After coming to Portland, I worked as a training director with the federal government and subsequently started my own practice. Ever since, I have enjoyed helping people improve working relationships, build effective teams, and develop both leadership and problem-solving skills.

My classes are widely praised for teaching relevant skills that can be applied immediately on the job. I actively encourage everyone to challenge ideas, ask questions, and clarify the material being presented. During the workshops, there is a high level of participation as we talk and practice together.

I am a certified DiSC distributor and facilitator as well as a certified Blanchard Situational Leadership II instructor.

My training style is:


“Lenny also receives the highest compliments for his training and education. The skills and techniques he shares can be applied as soon as a participant leaves the course. His humor, confidence and patience with his audience make the learning objectives stick.”

Jenny Sherman, Willamette View

“Lenny is an amazing trainer and facilitator in front of any type of audience. His content is practical and relevant, and easy to apply back on the job. In fact, people get opportunities to use real-life examples in his courses. I thoroughly enjoy working with Lenny.”

Susan Dixon, Metro

“I wish I had learned all these skills years ago. Lenny is extremely knowledgeable, organized and clear in his presentation. Every human being could benefit from this class.”

Julie Ryan, Umpqua

“Lenny understands the issues our front-line utility leaders face when communication problem-solving with their staffs. He is a powerful and nuanced instructor. Lenny is one of NWPPA’s top-rated instructors.”

Jennifer Keesey, Northwest Public Power Association

“Nowadays it seems that instructors are so ‘packaged’. Lenny is not that way. Whether he is teaching a skill or facilitating a group, Lenny is always able to read that audience and make sure their needs are met.”

Sandy Vinci, TriMet